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Young professionals

When you know better who you are, you get more out of yourself. Also in your work. Do you run into limits or are you unsure which way you want to move?

Young professionals

You have to do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone! With my guidance I contribute to the professional development and growth of talented people in their twenties and thirties who want to experience more self-confidence, peace and happiness.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Don’t you feel seen at work?

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Not sure what you want in your work and in your life?

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Do you feel enormous pressure to perform?

High expectations

As a young professional, a lot is expected of you. And you probably have high expectations of yourself too. To find out who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go, coaching for Young Professionals is a solution. Together we consider these questions and reflect on the themes that are important to you. So that you can then move forward.

With my coaching you learn to experience more peace and balance, you can better deal with stress and uncertainty. I also help you discover your talents and passions, so that you know better what you want in your working life. You get to know and trust yourself better, so that you immediately feel better about yourself.

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Investing in your job is investing in yourself. Define your own challenges, empower yourself and become more effective at work.

For employers

Are there talented people in your twenties and thirties who are looking for or need that one push in the right direction for their career? I help these talents develop themselves and take the next appropriate step. In addition, I help to get a grip on the working environment and workload.

Younger employees have an increased risk of work pressure or burnout-related complaints. Young professional coaching can offer a solution here. The result is a motivated, confident professional who knows the career path he or she wants to follow.

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Tailor-made coaching

Are you curious if we click and how I can best guide you? Make an appointment now for a personal introductory meeting. I love to tell you all about my approach and your possibilities.