Women's circles

Enter the magic of the Women’s Circle, a monthly meeting during the full moon. Here women come together to share, heal, relax, meditate and care for themselves and each other. In the circle we create an “open and sacred space”, where every woman can safely share her story.

Welcome to our Women's Circles in Amsterdam!

Join us and embrace this opportunity to come together, share and make a positive impact not only in your own life but far beyond. Experience the power of feminine energy and discover the forgotten treasure that every woman carries within her.

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Practical information

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Location: Amsterdam

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When: Full Moon, 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

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Registration is required due to limited places and to provide the date and exact location.

Feminine primal source

Amid the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, you discover an ancient source of fire and power. This is your feminine primal source, a sanctuary of healing, connection, intuition and flow. This is where all the inner wisdom that is needed to fully stand in your power rests.


Under the full moon, an enchanting opportunity unfolds for us women to gain balance with our inner feminine power.


Listen to what your body needs

The women’s circles are specifically aimed at rediscovering this valuable resource and easing the burden that modern life brings. Together we move beyond shame, self-judgment and shortcomings, and embrace trust, unconditional acceptance and self-love. Learn to trust your intuition again, listen to what your body needs and learn to act effectively while maintaining your boundaries. It is the journey to a balanced life in which you shine in your own strength, specially designed for women who are looking for healing and growth.


Open tikkie with donation for local African women with whom I work during the Women Safari Journey in Tanzania and Kenya.

Join us, register and experience the power of feminine energy together. A journey towards healing and growth, specially designed for women who want to embrace their power and have a positive impact together. Register via T 06 48797281 or Limited spots available. Let the magic begin.

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