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Team constellations and coaching

The dynamics within a team are decisive for the effectiveness and job satisfaction of you and your colleagues. Working with constellations offers insight and solutions.

Team constellations

What prevents a team from getting the most out of it? An unhealthy balance in the team can lead to internal competition that is detrimental to the overarching goal. Power relations or relationships within a team can also cause tension or an unsafe or rushed feeling. Guidance and working with team constellations offers a solution.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Do you feel that your team is not running well?

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Do you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in work situations?

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Are your qualities not showing up well?

A smoothly running team

Managers are often too closely involved with a team to be able to see what is going on within a group. With guidance and methodical work with team constellations, the causes of a less well-functioning team can be brought to the surface.

Imbalance within a team arises when too many team members have the same roles. This can lead to unhealthy competition, as team members lack recognition in their work.

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When patterns keep repeating themselves within a social system, development stagnates

What are we working on?

Balance in your team

Team Constellations gives the team insight into the relationships within the team and is a good starting point for strengthening mutual relationships and cooperation. What will be discussed? Power relations or relationships within the team can cause tension and insecurity. Imbalance also arises when too many team members have the same roles. This can lead to unhealthy competition, as team members lack recognition in their work. They lose sight of the overarching goal. Unhealthy competition is the most common result of team imbalances.

Direction in the team

What qualities are present within the team
How can I get my team to work better together?
Why do certain team members sometimes conflict with each other?
Is the vision for the team clear and does everyone support this vision?
How can we as a team deal with change?
How do we get everyone on the same page?
How do we get our team more focused and efficient?

Room for diversity, equality and inclusion

Everyone in a team should feel safe and valued. Diversity, equality and inclusion therefore play an increasingly important role within teams and companies. Diversity refers to having employees from different groups in terms of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, etc. Inclusion refers to valuing and integrating the perspectives of the different employees. Diversity and inclusion make employees feel happier, more comfortable and more engaged.

Always tailor-made

Team coaching is tailor-made and we look at where the team stands and what it needs? Questions are central such as: What leadership is needed? How team members work together. What are the bottlenecks? What group dynamics is there in the team? What qualities does each individual have and how do team members complement each other? Is the team missing a quality? What do team members value in each other? All this will be discussed in an exploratory conversation.

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Tailor-made coaching

Are you curious if we click and how I can best guide you? Make an appointment now for a personal introductory meeting. I love to tell you all about my approach and your possibilities.