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What do clients say about Jet?

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Jet is extremely skilled in the many subjects she masters. As a result, she is able to make sharp connections between the various issues for which I come to her.

Her versatility and depth make it very valuable for me to talk to her.

She’s also fast paced. As a result, I always feel that we are making good progress. I would definitely recommend her to people who have a lot of balls and are willing to look in the mirror.


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Jet has put me in touch with what lives in me. I have regained control over feelings that had been suppressed.

Thanks to her expertise, precision and confidence, I can once again adequately deal with my life challenges.

I highly recommend It for both personal and professional growth.


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Jet was highly recommended to me by my dear friend. Both our kids were experiencing a hard time with their fathers living away on another continent and the transitions. Finally, when we met and started working together, I understood how much needed to be done with me first before I can help my son with his emotions and understanding. We connected again, there was so much warmth, connection and guidance through our sessions. We worked together for a year healing some of the trauma from my past, “rewriting” certain occasions like the birth of my second boy, the abuse I suffered, the connection with both of my sons. In the end, I felt strong again, free and calmer overall. Very thankful to have met and been able to work with this amazing woman!


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Jet is a committed and warm coach. I felt comfortable from the first conversation. Jet’s guidance and approach is good for me. She really made me believe again that she was going to help me to regain my own strength. I needed that, after I ended up in quite a burnout after a lot of nasty life events.


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Jet has helped me very well to break old patterns so that I dare to work and live more from my feeling instead of my mind. With her guidance I have also been able to achieve a better balance between private and business. She also accompanies my highly sensitive daughter. Through Jet’s coaching she has learned to accept her sensitivity and she is a lot firmer and happier in life. I have experienced Het as a competent coach and a pleasant person.


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To build confidence again within a short time, in a casual way. Jet is able to provide new insights in a pleasant way. The practical approach fits well with my attitude and personality. And all this in a pleasant, cheerful way, in which she listens and advises without judgment. With the necessary professionalism and in a nice way, she has given me more insight into myself and into our family.


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A few years ago I came across Jet via via, in the first instance to help our 8-year-old son to get his tantrums more under control. After just 1 or 2 coaching sessions we noticed an enormous improvement. It helped him recognize his state of mind, but she also immediately gave him ways to deal with it better. That was many years ago and he still benefits from it to this day. My daughter also visited Jet a number of times a few years later, and although she encountered a completely different problem, it also helped her a lot. Recently I had to deal with an organizational change at work, which I myself had little influence but did suffer a lot from. A conversation with Jet immediately gave me a different perspective, and the insight into how my preconceived expectations already influenced my behavior unnoticed. She was also immediately able to show me how to change that. My experience with Jet is that she is very pleasant to talk to, she asks the right questions (without giving the answer herself), feels well what the other person needs and immediately adjusts the conversation and the tools accordingly. Everyone runs into things from time to time that you can’t quite figure out yourself. And in those moments it is so nice to talk to Jet, who, with her experience and pleasant way of working, always makes you aware of the patterns, possible causes and other ways of dealing with things. I would recommend it to everyone!


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Because there was a restlessness in me, along with a number of questions about behavior and reactions, both business and private, I went to Jet. Jet helps me to create order and peace and to investigate and answer my questions by, among other things, using constellations, by listening, asking questions and telling yourself. Especially putting down small puppets that mimic a situation has given me so much insight and tools to continue with. Jet has a very warm, pleasant appearance that immediately made me feel at ease with her. And that is condition number one to get started together. Because with Jet you really do it together.


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Jet has been an incredible help to me as I navigate some tricky times with my son. Her warmth, compassion and kind curiosity make it incredibly easy to open up, allowing me to understand and get to the heart of what is happening in tough moments. I have felt listened to, empathised with and most importantly, inspired and supported to make changes. The only problem is that things are going so much better I don’t need to make a new appointment- and I miss them!! I highly recommend Jet to anyone who wants to understand themselves better on the path to becoming a better parent (and human). I am eternally grateful that I was introduced to her.


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I am very satisfied with the support that Jet gives me to take control of what I need from an overwrought situation, and thus to balance family and work. How will it flow again? She provides honest, thorough insights that I can practically use. Her style is warm, thorough and humorous. I like to go to the coaching conversations.


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My experience with Jet is very pleasant and good. She is careful. Due to her studies and broad knowledge, Jet has experience in many areas. She gives you the space to gain insights in a pleasant environment. Her energy feels powerful, pure and soothing. I’m a fan 💖!