moeder dochter retraite

Mother-daughter retreat

Leaving together will bring you closer together. We will have a wonderful day’s retreat in the Netherlands and stay at the beautiful location “Aan de WaverWinkel” in Abcoude, where we will build your bond and make new memories.

Mother-daughter retreat

Mothers and daughters are inextricably linked. With each other, and with previous generations. In a day retreat at a beautiful location in the Netherlands, you will fully meet yourself and each other. Not only from mother to daughter but also from person to person.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Do you want to deepen and strengthen your bond with your daughter?

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Would you like to make new, valuable memories?

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Do you want to share your experiences and learn from other women?

Really meet

In a day retreat especially for mothers and daughters (16+) you will fully meet yourself and each other. Not only from mother to daughter but also from person to person.

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You are a great example to your daughter. It's great if you can show her that you are yourself, follow your own path, dare to be authentic and encourage her to do the same!

Moeder-dochter retraite

What do we do? Relax, talk and build

Research shows that no bond in life is as important as the bond between mothers and daughters. It is important for developing one’s own identity, for establishing healthy relationships and for an overall sense of well-being and self-confidence. At the same time, that band can also be quite complicated. For example, due to pent-up anger, a loyalty conflict or because the mother unconsciously passes on pain from her past.

How about you? We will take time for this in a one-day retreat on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., including a delicious lunch. Through self-examination, systemic work, touch, expressing desires, letting go, connecting and of course also by simply having fun and being spoiled!

Together with Sabine Veenendaal I organize this mother-daughter retreat. Sabine is driven by (life) stories both in her work as a film producer and in her coaching practice. By listening, watching and talking she will look for your personal story; where are you from, what is your family situation like? Family ties and the mother-daughter relationship fascinate her, as does searching for your roots; know who you are, who your ancestors are? It’s your story, your life.

Location, dates and costs

At the Waver Shop
Winkeldijk 47, 1391 HM Abcoude

The day retreats take place on various dates throughout the year and are accessible to daughters & mothers in various life stages and transitions.

€250 per day for mother & daughter

An impression of the retreat

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If you contact me I will be happy to tell you more about the program of the mother-daughter retreats.