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High sensitivity (HSP)

Are you very sensitive, easily overstimulated both physically and emotionally, do you often have deep emotions and do you find it difficult to set boundaries? Then it is quite possible that you are highly sensitive (HSP). I’ll be happy to guide you.

High sensitivity

Many people struggle with high sensitivity. Do you feel like you’re not doing anything right, have trouble overcoming fixed patterns and negative beliefs? I give you tools to organize your life in such a way that you create space for the things you want to do.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Do you care too much about everything and can’t do anything right?

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Do you feel misunderstood and easily depressed?

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Are you stuck and don’t know what steps to take?

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Do you find it difficult to deal with expectations?

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Do you quickly get overstimulated?

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Do you find it difficult to indicate your limits?

Dealing with an intense life

HSPs experience life more intensely, are affected more quickly and therefore often suffer more from traumatic (child) experiences, also because they have had the feeling of being different since childhood. With HSP you are more often triggered by certain stimuli, people or situations, which in turn influences your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

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Accepting your high sensitivity starts with believing that you are good just the way you are.

What are we working on?

From a burden to a force

You get tools that make it easier for you to go through life as an HSP; it becomes your strength instead of a burden. You can take full advantage of this quality!

Let go and process

With attention to your traumas and bad experiences you can let them go, making life lighter and you can process the past. By exploring your inner world, you will no longer get lost in the outside world.

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Tailor-made coaching

Are you curious if we click and how I can best guide you? Make an appointment now for a personal introductory meeting. I love to tell you all about my approach and your possibilities. The consultations are partially reimbursed by health insurance.