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Female sexual wisdom

As a Vallei coach, I teach you how to use sexual energy to feel healthier, happier and more alive. Train yourself and benefit from your own life energy. And you become a safe woman for yourself and the other.

Female sexual wisdom

Again full of confidence, zest for life and energy, I wish you this too! I am a Vallei coach and guide many women who are not or hardly in their own strength, are stuck in the ‘have to and worry’ and have gone through one or more burnout.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Do you find it difficult to indicate your own boundaries?

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Do you feel like you don’t matter?

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Have you experienced sexual trauma, grief or insecurities?

Liberating online training

I want to guide you wholeheartedly on your own Vallei path, so that you can develop fully and in complete safety. This way you get back in touch with your own sexual energy, lifestream and self-love. You train yourself through the online course, but you are individually guided by me.

Vallei Orgasm is an online training in the field of sexuality (life energy). It’s about ‘ softening towards yourself, trying less and increasing your sense of awareness. If we, women, better inhabit our body, we coincide with our intuition and creative power. I would like to share with you my enthusiasm for this course, which has made me more vital, wiser, sensual, creative, energetic and has given me a feeling of constant bliss.

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“I think the glass ceiling isn’t as strong anymore when women start connecting more with their sexual energy. That gives so much strength and confidence and self-confidence that you just think: that glass, boom, I’m going to smash it.”

Caroline Glasbergen, New Female leader

What are we working on?

Use sexual energy

In the West we only know “procreative sexuality”. This course is about ‘transformation of sexuality’. Learn to use sexual energy for your own health and vitality. It is an inspiring course that will change your Western view of sexuality forever.

Additional personal coaching

In personal coaching I use different methodologies, such as: EMDR, hypnotherapy (attachment problems), family and individual constellations, walking coaching, focusing and sensing, mindfulness, voice dialogue, inner child healing, holistic burnout. You get to know yourself better and to find your own solutions, based on your own wisdom.

Private training and exchange experiences

You train yourself in the privacy and safety of your own bedroom. Every two weeks you will receive a podcast with a theoretical framework and a homework assignment. I guide you and share my knowledge and experiences about sexual wisdom, self-love, Chi Kungs, iron shirt and the healing sounds.

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Discount on the course

This online Vallei training has been developed by, among others, Tao trainer Reinoud Eleveld. I can give you a €50 discount on the course by sharing my code with you. You then do not pay € 247, but € 197. On the website you will find more beautiful online courses, I can also give you a discount on that.

In addition, you get the course: More Energy worth € 97 free when taking out a coaching package:

Online courses:

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More energy

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Sexual (in)safety

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The art of not doing

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Sense and meaning in sex

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Seven veils

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Smooth through the transition

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Boobs Breasts Program

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Tailor-made coaching

Are you curious if we click and how I can best guide you? Make an appointment now for a personal introductory meeting. I love to tell you all about my approach and your possibilities. The consultations are partially reimbursed by health insurance.