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Family constellations

Discover the dynamics and underlying patterns within your family. These influence your relationship, your behavior and your feelings. This can lead to new insights and awareness and shows you the way to a happy family life.

Family constellations

Every parent has to deal with themselves, we all have our blind spots. The dynamics of family life will confront you with that. Through family constellations I provide insight into family dynamics. If you deal with this more consciously, you will experience more happiness in your life. That makes you more powerful and balanced as an educator.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Does parenting feel like a burden and do you doubt your own behavior?

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Do you sometimes feel like you’re all alone?

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Do you want to have more fun with your family?

Making the invisible visible

With a family constellation we investigate what is going on for you and your child on a deeper level. We work from your request for help and focus on the problem. For this I also work with individual constellations and hypnosis.

If you, as a parent, get to work with your share, the growth, healing, and behavioral change of the child will be much easier, sometimes even without further treatment of the child. The experience of you as a parent is central, it is your perception, as you see and experience it. During the constellation it becomes clear where the energy unconsciously stagnates. The invisible becomes visible forever. You release energy, so you experience less ballast in your daily life.

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What are we working on?

Understanding the family system

Working from a family constellation is a way to heal yourself from love and respect. You gain insight into what the underlying movement is behind your reaction and behaviour. Within each family system there is a special loyalty towards each other. As a result, major events in previous generations affect the younger generation. We see this concretely in the behavior of children, in the parent-child relationship and in the relationship between parents.

Parenting more relaxed

The step I take in this has a domino effect on your child’s behavior. Parenting becomes more relaxed! The relationship between parent and child is given fertile ground on which all knowledge can be used to build on and thus survive. When every family member can take his own place in the family and the family, without ballast from the past, parenting is no longer a task.

Prioritize yourself first, this will not only make you happier, but also the people around you.

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Other methodologies

Individual constellation

We do an individual constellation together. We are ‘set up’ together or the therapist himself takes different positions. I also use tangible symbols such as wooden dolls or floor anchors that represent (other) members of the system or the important themes. The people within the system can be interviewed and empathized, making the constellation come to life more and more.

Visualization & Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation in which you easily make contact with the deeper layers of your unconscious, while you simply keep control over your own actions. In this relaxed state we can transform obstructive things so that you can then move on freely and unencumbered. It remains magical to see what has already changed after one session!

What do we use this for?

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Pregnancy-delivery traumas

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Disturbed attachment

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Limiting beliefs and patterns

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Strengthen ME power

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Tailor-made coaching

Are you curious if we click and how I can best guide you? Make an appointment now for a personal introductory meeting. I love to tell you all about my approach and your possibilities. The consultations are partially reimbursed by health insurance.