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Conscious parenting

Parenting is a life changing event and an opening to your authentic self, take advantage of this!

Conscious parenting

Parenting is an opening to allow your inner natural leader to flourish. It’s an opportunity to live your truth and be yourself much more. Precisely by following your dream, you can later help your children to do exactly the same. If you feel good about yourself, you are their best example.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Do you feel insecure about your (upcoming) parenthood?

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Have you lost your balance and can’t get to yourself anymore?

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Do you feel overloaded and do you want to learn how to deal with it?

Parenting as a personal development trajectory

Having children is the biggest change you undergo as a parent. You are confronted with yourself in a completely new and demanding situation. Frustrations and irritations are lurking if you are less relaxed with your children and partner. At the same time, parenting offers you a wonderful opportunity to develop into your best self.

Families often consist of two-income earners who, in addition to family life, also have a lot of other things to arrange. How do you set the right priorities and how do you keep the peace and give your family members the attention they deserve and need?

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If we don't heal our childhood wounds, we will continue to project our inner holes onto our children.

What are we working on?

Self-knowledge and insight into your themes

Parenting is more about you than your children. Because how you think about something determines how you feel and behave. This has a direct impact on your children and your partner. Self-knowledge and insight into your themes is therefore worth gold.

Looking at yourself full of love

If there’s one thing I’ve experienced in parenting over the years, it’s that me-time has nothing to do with time, but with how I view myself. Time for relaxation is separate from what I do, but is about how I feel. You have so much more patience, energy and time for yourself when you start looking at yourself differently. Loving, empathetic and confident. I help you to blossom your inner natural leader within yourself, so that you will experience a different form of parenting.

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Tailor-made coaching

Are you curious if we click and how I can best guide you? Make an appointment now for a personal introductory meeting. I love to tell you all about my approach and your possibilities. The consultations are partially reimbursed by health insurance.