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Going to Africa with your team to climb Kilimanjaro and/or in combination with a safari or relaxing on the island of Lamu (Kenya) is the experience of a lifetime and the ultimate learning experience when it comes to leadership and teamwork.

Adventurous Business Journeys in Tanzania and Kenya (Lamu)

“I’m standing still for a moment and that’s a lot of progress.”

Avontuurlijke Journey in Tanzania
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Together with your team to the top

Do you also want to go to the top together with your team!

“High on a mountain it immediately becomes clear whether you reinforce each other or whether you get in each other’s way. In the end, it’s all about the common interest, just like in a company.’

(Katja Staartjes, the first Dutch woman to climb Mount Everest in 1999)

Climbing Kilimanjaro (the highest mountain in Africa, 5895 meters) with your team, in combination with inspiring training, team formations and coaching, all in the context of team development. This is the experience of a lifetime and an ultimate learning experience when it comes to leadership and teamwork.

There are uncertainties and setbacks during the climb of Kilimanjaro and also during major changes in your company even guaranteed. Climbing a mountain is like a project, with a head and a tail. You work together intensively for a period of time and you have to achieve the intended result in a short time.

Are you able to remain positive under pressure and to boost each other and to continue working together?

And how do you push your limits without going over them?

What do you want to achieve together?

Can you discuss with each other what it is really about, even if it is very difficult for a while?

Is everyone willing to take on the tedious and heavy jobs?

Will you walk through fire for each other?

Do you dare and can you confront each other? “Not to emphasize differences, but to bridge and utilize them. And so to move forward together. That’s team development”

The Marangu route is the shortest and most chosen route. The only route with accommodation in mountain huts instead of tents. This route has very large elevation gains per day, so it is important that you are fit (this means that you should be able to run about 5 kilometers).

Safari and Kilimanjaro Business Journey (8 days)

You can also opt for a Business Journey with a combination of Safari and Kilimanjaro.

We go on safari for 2 days to Tarangire National park and Ngorongoro crater to meet the Big 5 and get to know the Masai’s and for 2 days we climb a large part of Kilimanjaro, the other days wonderful training sessions are given: team setups and coaching, authentic leadership, all in the context of team development

Kenya (Lamu) Business Journey (6 days)

You can also choose a business journey on the tropical African island of Lamu in Kenya. We stay at a beautiful resort where we will go through an inspiring program full of team training, team constellations and coaching, breathwork (art of living), mindfulness, yoga. All this in combination with activities on the beach, such as: sailing, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, walking and relaxing.

These Adventurous Business Journeys take place from November to March and dates are available on request. More information and an impression of the journeys can be found on star field 4 retreats.

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