Avontuurlijke Journey in Tanzania

Women African Journey's

On a fantastic adventurous journey you learn to be in touch with your inner, natural leadership. You go far from home to come home to yourself.

Women Safari Journey in Tanzania

Join us on a journey and (re)discover yourself! You’re going to work with yourself far from home, that’s easier than you think. It’s not just hard work, we also have fun. Rest and reflection are the heart and purpose of the journey. Each destination has its own unique character. Just like you.

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I am happy to guide you:

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Do you want to work on your inner leadership in a beautiful location?

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Do you need rest and reflection?

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Do you want to share your experiences and learn from other women?

Together on a journey to yourself in Tanzania

With a group of 6 to 10 women we will share and heal, be quiet and laugh, walk and sit still, write and listen. There is room for yoga, sound healing, constellation work, mindfulness and trauma healing. You spend a lot of time with the group, but there is also me-time. In addition to these women retreats, I also organize business retreats to go to Africa with your team.

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My motto: Learn, read, dance, talk, listen, do, create and travel as much as you can.

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Where are we going and what are we going to do?

Discover your authentic Womanhood

I supervise one an eight-day adventurous journey in Tanzania and a six-day spiritual journey in Kenya on the island of Lamu, where you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful nature that will relax you. Get away from it all. The ideal way to deepen, reflect and rediscover yourself.

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Together on a journey to yourself in Tanzania

A Tanzania safari journey is an unforgettable experience that you must experience at least once in your life. Come face to face with the Big 5 and travel through the most beautiful and impressive national parks.

We are going on safari for 2 days to Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro crater, where we spend a night in the park. We are surrounded by the beautiful nature in which we will meet the wild animals. We also visit the Masai’s. Two days we climb a large part of Kilimanjaro, this is the highest mountain in Africa, where you walk through different types of vegetation, from lush rainforest, moorland, rocky area to alpine desert landscape. We also spend a night on Kilimanjaro. The other four days we work together in a beautiful program to bring your inner natural leader to bloom. We do this with the help of family constellations, trauma healing, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, female sexual wisdom, writing, walking in beautiful nature, silence and adventure. You will come home to yourself, meet the softness and strength within yourself and learn to be in touch with your inner, natural leadership. The primal wisdom in you. You open yourself to experiencing your authentic Womanhood.

In addition, you get the course: More Energy worth € 97 free if you join this journey: https://vallei.online/bestel-meer-energie

During these days we stay at Nyange Farm in safari tents, on a self-sufficient farm at the foot of Kilimanjaro with breathtaking views. Where we also have a meeting and workshop with local women.

Data journeys can be requested.

Women Hapiness Retreat

I will take you on a Women Happiness retreat in Lamu, this is one of the most beautiful islands in Africa.

We stay 6 nights in this family run boutique hotel, Banana House & Wellness Centre (nr.1 on Tripadvisor) on Lamu island. Which is a world heritage, has unspoiled beaches, no cars and only donkeys. You will experience the natural wellbeing of Lamu Island, the homely atmosphere of Banana House and the super friendly Swahili culture.


We combine an inspiring program with family constellations, trauma healing, sound healing, inner child healing, Art of Breathing (Art of Living), yoga, meditation, mindfulness, with activities on the island, such as: sunset sailing in a dhow (traditional boat), walking barefoot, swimming in the Indian Ocean, experiencing the Swahili Culture and tasting its food, and feeling the inspiration and relaxation of the island.

I organize this journey together with Monika Fauth, she is the owner of Banana House and every year she organizes the Lamu Yoga Festival www.lamuyoga.org and other wonderful retreats www.lamuyogaretreats.com on Lamu. She is a holistic therapist, Vallei coach and yoga and Art of Living teacher.

Data journeys can be requested.

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An impression of the journeys

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If you contact me, I will be happy to tell you more about the content of the journeys, the prices and vaccinations.

Part of the proceeds go to Moses Children Garden in Nairobi. Children’s Garden Home is a non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization for orphaned, abandoned, abused, desperate and neglected street children, regardless of religion, gender, color or tribe. Through parental love, spiritual care, rehabilitation and non-formal education, these children are raised so that they can unleash their full potential to live good lives based on self-reliance.