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Jet Sternefeld - de Beer

Business anthropologist, coach & therapist, mother and experience expert

I specialize in working with traumas (EMDR, hypnotherapy, inner child healing), family, team and organizational constellations, high sensitivity and female sexual wisdom. In my private life I am married and mother of four beautiful children; a son and three daughters.

Guidance from a different perspective

I’ve always been interested in how people make sense of the world around them. After high school I started traveling and alone and far from home I really came into contact with other religions and cultures for the first time. I then studied Psychology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht. This background gives my guidance a special perspective.

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Inside every adult lurks a hurt child

I myself grew up through trial and error and draw from my own experiences in my therapy. As a child and young adult I didn’t always have it easy. I was the only girl in a family of three older brothers and my parents divorced when I was four. I had no contact with my father for 35 years after I was fifteen, and I struggled a lot with that.

Thanks to various courses, I am now an expert in working with traumas (EMDR, hypnotherapy and inner child healing), family and organizational constellations, high sensitivity and female sexual wisdom. As a partner to a hard-working husband and mother of four, I’ve gone through everything every woman goes through sooner or later. And I came out of that as a stronger and more complete woman. I wish you the same.

“As a therapist, it works with the undercurrent, she has learned to look differently and make unexpected connections and helps you remember what you already knew. Jet’s life experience and learning to look at the other without judgment means that she is open to everyone who crosses her path. She loves being part of every change process.”

Living from possibilities

I know firsthand what trauma is. Growing up as a child without a biological father has played a major role in shaping me into who I am today. I help you listen to yourself and can give a voice to what is difficult to see, hear and understand.

I’ve gone through it all. The feeling of not being good enough, not belonging, being rejected. I have been confronted with transgressive behaviour. I have been confronted with transgressive behaviour. I became a pleaser and a savior. If only everyone was having a good time, then I would be safe.

Through traveling and through the many wonderful courses I have let go of a lot of old ballast and I now experience lightness, inner peace, joy and happiness. I’ve always realized that I shouldn’t be a plaything of capricious fate. I have become creator of my own life. I have learned to live from the feeling that there are possibilities, so that I now experience a lot of love and abundance. This is exactly what I wish all other women as well.

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Formation and training

I started playing tennis when I was eleven. Every day I stood on the tennis court with my brothers to learn how to play better. I had talent and ended up playing tennis at a high level. When I was 19 years old I had three diplomas from mavo, havo and vwo.

After high school I started traveling on my own, traveling the world through America, Canada, Australia and Asia. In addition, I have worked as a volunteer in various development projects. Alone and far from home, I really came into contact with other religions and cultures for the first time. I then studied psychology and cultural anthropology at the University of Utrecht.

I conducted my field research and thesis in Israel among the Ethiopian Jews, then lived and married in Israel for seven wonderful years. I have worked in several museums and in Givat Haviva, a Jewish-Arab center. Back in the Netherlands, I completed the shortened part-time training to become a teacher in primary education (pabo) and taught for five years as a teacher Jet.

Through my work at primary school I came into contact with children who were not feeling well and needed extra attention & help. As a teacher I had no room for that. I then followed various courses, so that I could guide these children and their parents / caregivers. After that, I worked as a trainer/teacher for ten years at the Sonnevelt Training Institute for vital living. Sonnevelt is 9 years in a row “best educator in NL.”

In 2010 I opened my own practice. This was an immediate success and since then I have guided hundreds of children, adolescents, (young) adults and families as a children’s coach, life coach and psychosocial therapist, specializing in: trauma, child hypnosis (including attachment problems) and high sensitivity. I love studying and in recent years I have followed various courses and I have further specialized in family, team and organizational constellations and female sexual wisdom.