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You're a star

As a human being, young & old, you have primal power. You can do an incredible amount and you do. Until the moment when things are almost impossible and you really don’t know what to do next? You are overcome by doubts, uncertainty, fears or sadness. As a mother, as a father, as a child, teenager or young adult. Every person, young & old, encounters this at some point. That’s okay, because it’s an opening to your authentic self, see it as a moment to grow, to find your true strength. To become the star you have in you.

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Developing authentic leadership

Every person longs for an effortlessly lighter life. Full of peace, balance, connection and fun in yourself, in your family and at work. You do that by being true to yourself. As a coach, therapist, anthropologist and mother of four children, I guide you to discover and develop your inner strength. This is how you bring out the authentic leader in yourself. And what a wonderful example this is to give to our children.

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What can you contact me for?

Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Trauma EMDR and Hypnotherapy
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Systemic work (family and team setups)
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Female authentic leadership (business)
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Conscious parenting
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Children & Youth coaching
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Relationship therapy
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Female sexual wisdom
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 HSP coaching
Jet Sternefeld element 8 1 Walking coaching, retreats and
adventurous journeys

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What's really going on?

As an anthropologist I look at the undercurrent. I look at what can be seen and heard. What is really going on in this dynamic? I have learned to look ‘differently’ and make unexpected connections. I participate, empathize and give you insight and overview. I work systemically with family, team and organizational constellations and analyze your family and work dynamics and your role in them. Once you are aware of this, the door to a more balanced life is open.

EMDR and hypnotherapy

Inside every adult there is a hurt child. Unconsciously we react to our environment from this childhood trauma, for example by reacting very emotionally to our children. Or we are triggered by our partner or that one dominant colleague. My specialization as a therapist in trauma (EMDR and hypnotherapy) and high sensitivity allows me to detect and treat the trauma and unprocessed grief. Living positively with trauma is tending to your wounds, rather than surviving despite your wounds.


A balanced life revolves around YOU

When you feel good about yourself, you unlock the ability to create balance, tranquility, connections and joy in yourself, in your family and at work.

Be a star in your field

As an anthropologist and therapist, I will work with you to discover your inner self and help you develop your authentic leadership. For yourself, within your family, for your child, teenager or young adult or at work. I also organize day retreats and Women Safari Journeys in Africa. These five work areas are my Star Fields.

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Star Field 1


Do you want to bring out the best in yourself? I let you see and feel the blind spots, ingrained patterns, (sexual) traumas and unprocessed emotions. In this way you come into contact with your own strength and qualities.

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Star Field 2


As a parent, do you sometimes no longer know how to keep all the balls high? Frustrations and irritations are lurking if you are less relaxed with your children and partner. I bring you back to yourself, give you confidence and help you prioritize. By looking at yourself with more love, you become stronger and happier. And your family too.

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Star Field 3


Do you run into your own limits at work? I guide you to develop your female leadership and to deal differently with your work situation. I can teach you to stay with yourself more and make choices from there. I provide business coaching both individually and for teams or departments. Always personal, always tailor-made.

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Star Field 4


Life is a journey. As an anthropologist and therapist, I would like to take you on an adventure. A different environment can do wonders. Outside your own world you are more open to yourself and to the thoughts and feelings of others. I take you with your daughter, or with women who, like you, are looking for their inner leader.

Since 2010 I have guided more than 1000 clients

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jet sternefeld

Coach & therapist, anthropologist, and experience expert

My name is Henriette Ruth Sternefeld-de Beer, but everyone calls me Jet. I am a psychosocial therapist & coach and anthropologist, but above all I am a mother of four beautiful children.

I’ve always been interested in how people make sense of the world around them. After high school I started traveling and alone and far from home I really came into contact with other religions and cultures for the first time. I then studied Psychology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utrecht. This background gives my guidance a special perspective.

I myself grew up through trial and error and draw from my own experiences in my therapy. As a child and young adult I didn’t always have it easy. I was the only girl in a family of three older brothers and my parents divorced when I was four. I had no contact with my father for 35 years after I was fifteen, and I struggled a lot with that.

Thanks to various courses, I am now specialized in working with traumas (EMDR, hypnotherapy), family and organizational constellations, high sensitivity and female sexual wisdom. As a partner to a hard-working husband and mother of four, I’ve gone through everything every woman goes through sooner or later. And I came out of that as a stronger and more complete woman. I wish you the same.

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Everything is interconnected, everything essentially consists of energy and is in resonance.